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Abstracts submitted by February 15th will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and confirmation of acceptance will be sent to authors.

Delegates are hereby invited to submit abstracts. Delegates should select the method of their presentation: short oral presentation or poster.

Abstracts will be published in special OnLine issue of American Journal of Reproductive Immunology.

Abstracts should be submitted in English only, by e-mail georgievar@hotmail.com as a Microsoft Word format attached document. PDF format is not acceptable.

Abstracts should cover the main topics of the Symposium:

  • Gametes antigenicity and gametes interactions
  • Innate and adoptive immunity in reproduction
  • Immune regulation at maternal-fetal interface in implantation ang pregnancy
  • Autoimmunity, endocrine disorders and reproduction
  • Immunological problems of infertility, pregnancy loss, implantation failures, ART
  • Mucosal immunity
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, local infections
  • Stem cells in reproduction

Abstract format
Abstracts should be structured into four paragraphs, labeled Problem, Method of Study, Results and Conclusion and consist of no more than 300  words. Abstracts have to be written in Times new roman font, single line spaces. Title, author/s name/s, affiliation, address, e-mail centered.  The authors should be presented with the family name first followed by initials, do not include professional title or degrees, the presenting author – underlined.  The title and different parts – Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion should be bolted and do not use capital letters and do not indent. The use of graphs, tables and images is strongly discouraged. Acknowledgments should be typed in one separate paragraph at the end of abstract.

Presenters will have no more than 30 min. for plenary lectures, 10 min. for short oral presentation, incl. audiovisual illustrations.


  • Posters will be displayed in the foyer of the Lecture Room, (where the conference will be held) from 15 to 17 June. Posters can be remuved from 17 June on.
  • The poster board surface area is 1.7m wide by 1.2m high.
  • Indicate the title, authors in the same format as in the submitted abstract.

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