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Scientific Program of the 15th Symposium for Immunology of Reproduction, Varna, 2018

Friday - 15 June
09:00 Registration  
14:00 Opening
Welcome addresses to the Symposium
Prof. Rayna Georgieva, President of ICCIR
Prof. Soren Hayrabedyan, President - elect of ICCIR
  Session I 2 h 30 m
Recurrent Implantation Failure. Humoral and Cell mediated mechanisms.
Chairpersons: Carolyn Coulam, Takao Koike, Nathalie Ledee
14:10 Recurrent Implantation Failure
Carolyn Coulam (USA)
14:40 Antiphospholipid Syndrome: A History over 30 years and our contribution
Takao Koike(Japan)
15:10 Personalization of assisted reproductive treatments: the endometrial immune profiling
Nathalie Ledee (France)
Cellular Innate Immunity in Reproduction. Role of cytokines in Reproductive Failure. Immunotherapy.
Chairpersons: Kenneth Beaman, Atsushi Fukui, Svetlana Dambaeva
15:40 NK cell abnormality and its treatment in women with reproductive failure
Atsushi Fukui (Japan)
16:10 The role of IL-22 cytokine in uterus
Svetlana Dambaeva (USA)
16:40 The Immune Response is an important proponent not opponent of Pregnancy
Kenneth Beaman (USA)
17:10 Coffee break (20 min)  
  Session II 2 h 30 m
PreImplantaion Factor role in pregnancy and non-pregnancy conditions
Chairpersons: Eytan Barnea, Raina Fichorova, Charles Wira
17:40 PIF protective, immune regulatory and regenerative properties: translation to treatment of pregnancy and non -pregnancy related pathologies
Eytan Barnea (USA)
18:10 Regulation of HLA gene products and progesterone during pregnancy development:
Role of Preimplantation Factor, PIF
Nelson Fernandez (UK)
  Mucosal Immunity  
18:40 Impact of Menopause on Mucosal Immunity in the Human Female Reproductive Tract (FRT)
Charles Wira (USA)
19:10 Immunologic predictors of female reproductive tract dysbiosis and associated adverse reproductive and child health outcomes
Raina Fichorova (USA)
19:40 Infections and immune-mediated sub-fertility/pregnancy failure
Marighoula Varla-Leftherioti (Greece)
20:30 Welcome reception  
  Saturday - 16 June  
  Session III 3 h 0 m
  Foeto-maternal communication - local and distant small vesicles and cell mediated interface
Chairpersons: Julia Szekeres-Bartho, Udo Markert, Marie-Pierre Piccinni
09:00 Embryo-maternal communication in the peri-implantation period
Julia Szekeres-Bartho (Hungary)
09:30 Trophoblast-immune cell communication via microRNA transported in extracellular vesicle
Udo Markert (Germany)
10:00 Expression and characterization of macrophages at the feto-maternal interphase
Udo Jaschke (Germany)
10:30 Role of galectins in reproduction
Sandra Blois (Germany)
11:00 A Role of Indolamine 2,3-dioxygenase-1 in the Chorionic Vascular Endothelium
Peter Sedlmayr (Austria)
11:30 T cell cytokines regulate the fetal allograft tolerance
Marie-Pierre Piccinni (Italy)
12:00 Lunch 1 h 0 m
13:00 Session IV 2 h 0 m
Metabolic failure in pregnancy - diabetes in pregnancy
Chairpersons: Masayuki Shimada, Surendra Sharma, Jana Peknicova
13:00 Diabetes in Pregnancy: A Link between Exhausted Immune Phenotype and Disease Risk
Surendra Sharma (USA)
13:30 The aging ovary: restriction of follicle growth by abnormal endocrine functions and ovarian stromal matrix fibrosis
Masayuki Shimada (Japan)
14:00 Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: what we know and what we don’t know
Silvia Daher (Brazil)
14:30 Multigenerational Effect of Diabetes Mellitus on Mammalian Reproductive Parameters
Jana Peknicova(Czech Republic)
15:00 Coffee break (20 min)  
15:20 Session V 2 h 0 m
Cellular Innate Immunity in Reproduction. Role of cytokines in Reproductive Failure. Immunotherapies.Breast Cancer
Chairpersons: Gueorgui Nikolov, Viktor Chernyshov, Hans Donat
15:20 Translational medical science in assisted reproduction
Gueorgui Nikolov(Bulgaria)
15:50 Lymphocytes phenotype in endometrium and peripheral blood: differences and similarities
Viktor Chernyshov (Ukraine)
16:20 CDK inhibitors for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer
H. Donat (Germany)
16:50 Cell-mediated immunity during paternal lymphocyte immunotherapy in women with recurrent spontaneous abortion
Lyubov Krechetova (Russia)
17:00 Cytokine status of partner's seminal plasma, regulatory T cells of female patients and pregnancy establishment at IVF/ICSI treatment.
Marina Nikolaeva (Russia)
17:10 Placental factors control CD90 expression on decidual stromal cells
Tsvetelina Oreshkova (Bulgaria)
17:20 Coffee break (30 min)  
17:50 Session VI 2 h 30 m
Male Infertility
Chairpersons: Maciej Kurpisz, Soren Hayrabedyan, Vera Jonakova
17:50 Microarray analysis of spermatogenic arrests in humans - transcriptomic prognosis of treatment monitoring
Maciej Kurpisz (Poland)
18:20 Advantages of Oxford Nanopore native molecule sequencing for personalized diagnostics and its application in Sertoli cell transcriptomics for innate immunity and inflammasome signaling research
Soren Hayrabedyan(Bulgaria)
18:50 Polymorphic immune molecules in gamete guidance through the female reproductive path
Irene Athanassakis (Greece)
19:20 Study of Regulatory Mechanisms of Ubiquitin-Proteasome System in Reproduction
Vera Jonakova (Czech Republic)
19:50 Complex experimental approach to study Leydig cell origin and differentiation.
Nina Atanassova(Bulgaria)
20:30 Official dinner and awarding of medals  
  Sunday -17 June  
  Session VII 2 h 10 m
Immune-endocrine interactions in reproduction. Immunological problem of infertility, pregnancy loss, implantation failures, ART.
Chairpersons: Zdenka Ulcova - Gallova, Yulia Antisferova, Nataliya Sotnikova
09:00 Immune-endocrine dialogue in the maintenance of immune tolerance milieu
Velislava Terzieva (Bulgaria)
09:30 High density of endometrial NK cells CD56+ and CD16+ in infertile women
Zdenka Ulcova-Gallova (Czech Republic)
10:00 The role of autoimmune disorders in endometriosis-associated infertility development
Yulia Antsiferova(Russia)
10:30 The regulation of proliferative activity in leyomioma
Nataliya Sotnikova (Russia)
11:00 Impaired activation of Tregs in patients with pregnancy failure
Roumiana Susurkova (Bulgaria)
11:10 Coffee break (20 min)  
11:30 Poster Session 3 h 0 m
14:30 Closing of the Symposium and granting Prof. Hans Donat award
for the best posters of young scientists
15:00 Lunch  
16:00 Short trip and dinner  

Poster Session

President: Hans Donat
Chairpersons: Julia Szekeres-Bartho, Udo Markert, Marighoula Varla-Leftherioti, Nelson Fernandez, Maciej Kurpisz

P-1.  Analysis of FoxP3 expression in women with reproductive failure
A.Velichkov, R. Susurkova, A. Mihova, M. Muhtarova, M. Guenova, I. Antonova, G. Nikolov, V. Terzieva
P-2.  Early pregnancy induces an influx of activated and fully differentiated pro-inflammatory γδ T cells at the maternal-fetal interface
Terzieva A., Hristova J., Dimitrova V., Djerov L. Dimitrova P., I. Vangelov, Dimova T.
P-3 Expression and localization of KISS1 and KISS1R in breast tumors.
Ankova D., Pupaki D., Donat H., Rashev P.
P-4.  Advanced glycation end product-modified albumin induce apoptosis involving oxidative stress in cultured human luteinized granulosa cells
Vangelov I., Pesheva V., Zaprianova S.
P-5.  Effects of late gestational fetal exposure to dexamethasone on the post-natal hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis response to hypoglycemia in pigs
Schiffner R., Rodriguez-Gonzalez G. L., Rakers F., Nistor M., Nathanielsz P.W., Daneva T., Schwab M., Schmidt M.
P-6.  Cross-communication between STAT1 and BATF2: their importance in interferon gamma- mediated decrease in invasion of HTR-8/SVneo trophoblastic cells by regulating the level of JUN
Verma Sonam, Pal Rahul, Gupta Satish Kumar
P-7.  Intralipid® decreases abnormal high levels of NK and CD16- NK cells in vivo
Elmadjian G., A. Kirova, R. Roussev
P-8.  NKT-like cells in peripheral blood from pregnant women as a possible predictor for pregnancy failure
Elmadjian G., A. Kirova, R. Roussev
P-9.  Clinical and seasonal aspects of NK cell cytotoxicity: 12 years experience in routine testing
Stepanyuk KS, Dons'koi BV, Chernychov VP, Sudoma IO
P-10. Diverse significance of CD8 expression on NK cells for their cytotoxicity against HLApos and HLAneg tumor cell lines.
Bolshakova K.M., Dons'koi, B.V., Chernyshov, V.P.
P-11.  Endometrial lymphocyte phenotype in natural cycle, after controlled ovarian stimulation and in the immediate cycles
Khazhylenko KG, Dons'koi BV, Chernychov VP
P-12. Implantation unfavorable phenotype of endometrial lymphocytes in patients with RIF on PGD tested embryo
Dons'koi BV, Chernychov VP, Khazhylenko KG, Sudoma IO
P-13. Lymphocytes phenotype in endometrium and peripheral blood: differences and similarities
Chernyshov V., Boris Dons'koi, Iryna Sudoma, Yana Goncharova, Ksenija Khazhylenko
P-14.  Expression of CD200 tolerance-signaling molecule on allogeneic lymphocytes and pregnancy establishment after paternal lymphocyte immunotherapy of recurrent spontaneous abortion
Arefieva A.S., Nikolaeva M.A., Stepanova E.O., Tetruashvili N.K., Krechetova L.V. P-15.  Association of anti-progesterone antibodies with early pregnancy loss in women
Menzhinskaya I.V., Arefieva A.S., Krechetova L.V., Vanko L.V.
P-16.  Serum Factors of Angiogenesis in Pre-eclampsia and related disorders
K. Dimitrovski, Z. Petanovski
P-17.  IL-18 augments IL-21R expression on NK cells
Pencheva M., El-Darawish Y., Dimitrova-Dikanarova D., Markova T. Okamura H
P-18.   Serum antibodies against spermatozoa in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and other endocrine disorders
Dimitrova-Dikanarova D., Lazarov V., Kavaldzhieva K., Mladenov N., Pencheva M., Gateva A., Kamenov Z.
P-19.  Evaluation of the changes in seminal parameters in patients with potential reproductive disorders
Mladenov N., Budinova R., Lazarov V., Kavaldjieva K., Pencheva M., Vakrilov G., Dimitrova-Dikanarova D.
P-20.  Humoral immune response against anti-alpha crystallins in women with endocrine disorders
Lazarov V.,Kavaldzhieva K., Mladenov N., Pencheva M., Dimitrova-Dikanarova D., Gateva A., Kamenov Z.
P-21.  Expression of Hsp27 and αΒ-crystalline in human embryo and fetus
Kavaldzjieva K., Lazarov V., Mladenov N., Marinova D., Dimitrova D.
P-22.  Asymmetric distribution of ooplasmic components in neonatal mouse oocytes
Hadzhinesheva V. P., Delimitreva S. M., Markova M. D., Nikolova V. P., Chakarova I. V., Mourdjeva M. S., Rashev P. I., Zhivkova R. S.
P-23 . Correlations between defects of chromatin condensation, actin structures and spindle assembly in oocytes of outbred mice and two inbred strains
Chakarova I. V., Nikolova V. P., Zhivkova R. S., Markova M. D., Hadzhinesheva V. P., Delimitreva S. M.
P-24.  Development of oocyte karyosphere in prophase I is correlated to changes in nuclear envelope
Nikolova V., Zhivkova R., Hadzhinesheva V., Chakarova I., Delimitreva S., Markova M.
P-25.  Effect of autologous endometrial stromal cell co-culture on day 3 embryo quality
Bochev I., Shterev A., Kyurkchiev S.
P-26.  Investigation of the influence of culture media on singletons birth weight after assisted reproduction
Todorov P., Hristova M., Ibryam I., Hristova E.
P-27.  Influence of microvibrations on the colony-forming ability of human umbilical cord blood-derived haematopoietic stem cells
Hristova M., Todorov P., Petrova N., Gulenova D., Hristova E.
P-28.  The pluripotent stem cells markers expression profile on human ovarian cell cultures depends on the donor’s age
Hristova E., Todorov P., Petrova N., Hristova M.
P-29.  Mitochondrial DNA copy number and expression of the mitochondrial encoded NADH dehydrogenase 1(MT-ND1) in the ovary of superovulated mice
Mladenova V., Abadjieva D., Kistanova E
P-30.  Matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 activity in follicular fluids of women undergoing controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and their relationship to follicular maturation and oocytes quality
N. Ayvazova, D. Martinov, D. Gincheva, E. Konova, M. Atanasoava
P-31.  Study of antioxidant levels in seminal plasma and spermatozoa in infertile and fertile men
D. I. Martinov, N. P. Ayvazova, A. P. Dikova, I. N. Ivanova, E.I. Konova, M. A. Atanasova
P-32.  An andrological examination of men with a high number of apoptotic sperm and how andrological treatment positively influences the result of assisted reproduction
Kratka Z., Luxova S., Vik V.
P-33.  Angiotensin-I converting enzyme as a pro-inflammatory marker in the testis
Pencheva M. Koeva Y., Dimitrov I., Atanassova N.
P-34.  Measuring the activity of tACE localized in the sperm membrane of infertility male
Pencheva M., Koeva Y., Atanassova N., Rashev P
P-35.  Leydig cell development and steroidogenesis in experimentally induced Diabetes mellitus and obesity
Pavlova E, Lakova E, Yochkova S, Donchev M, Popovska C, Svechnikov K, Atanassova N
P-36.  Innate immunity TLR4 receptor signaling modulates Sertoli cells metabolic profile and induced NF-kB in MAPK1-dependent manner
L. Sezer, E. Avramska, K. Todorova, S. Hayrabedyan
P-37.  MicroRNA15a could participate in prostate cancer progression by modulating cell proliferation and pro-inflammatory signaling
Albena Apostolova, Leyla Sezer, Soren Hayrabedyan, Krassimira Todorova
P-38.  Antisperm antibodies in infertile couples
Petkova B., Dyulgerova-Nikolova D.,Petkova R., Milachich T.,Timeva T., Arabadji T,Shterev A.
P-39.  DNA fragmentation index, sperm parameters and insulin levels in obese man with metabolic syndrome
Todorova K, Rilcheva V, Ilieva, V, Ganeva S
P-40.  Maternal and fetal leptin levels at term pregnancy
TPB De Luccia, E Ono , M. Carnier, KPT Pendeloski, R. Mattar; S. Daher.
P-41.  Thyroid dysfunction in infertile women and its significance in ART
I. Antonova, E. Marinova, D. Tsaneva, M. Popova, D. Gulenova G. Nikolov
P-42.  Cord blood units collected for allogeneic stem cell transplantation in Bulgaria- improving cell content characterization by an extensive immunophenotyping
V.Atanassova, A.Mihaylova, A.Antonova, E.Naumova
P-43.  Mesenchymal stem cells derived from sub-amnion exhibit similar properties to these derived from Wharton`s jelly
Kestendjieva S., Dzerov L., Nikolov A., Oreshkova T., Mourdjeva M., Stoyanova E.
P-44.  Proliferation and apoptosis of prostate cancer cells are affected by adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cells
Kostadinova M., Antonov B., Kinov P., Tsvetanov L., Oreshkova Ts., Mourdjeva M.
P-45.  Seminal plasma proteins, specific for benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs
Gradinarska, D., Ivanova, M., Daskalova, D., Tsvetkov, T., Genov, M.
P-46.  Identification on canine seminal plasma proteins related to changes on sperm velocity and motion kinetics during in vitro capacitation conditions
Tsvetkov T., Zasheva, D., Hristova, M., Ivanova, M., Gradinarska, D., Daskalova, D.
P-47.  Enzyme activity in semen of Acipenseridae species
St.Bonev, B.Georgiev, L.Nikolova, P.Taushanova
P-48.  Effect of trivitaminol on the motility of canine spermatozoa after cryopreservation
K. Lazov, P. Taushanova, B. Georgiev, R. Stefanov
P-49.  Synchronization of estrus cycle influence on pregnancy rate in Danube horse breed mares
Z Shekerov, P Taushanova, B Georgiev, M. Ivanova , G. Yordanov
P-50.  Studies on the protein profile of ejaculates from sheep breeds after cryopreservation
Andreeva M., Stefanov R., Metodiev N., Georgiev B., Taushanova P., Maksimovic N.
P-51.  In vivo melatonin and some sperm characteristics in the ram
Manchev S., Anev G., Tzvetkova, P., Stefanov, R.

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